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About PT. Hiro Technology Indocipta

In the globalization , technology grows rapidly , thus cause the increasing of information and security requirements in various aspects of life. Similarly in Indonesia, that is one of the developing countries, to provide the information and security system accurately and quickly is very important. With these opportunities, on September 28th 2010 the company which provides the technological solution of the information services and the security system was established in Jakarta named PT Hiro Technology Indocipta.

PT. Hiro Technology Indocipta which also known as HIRO TECHNO, consisting of three word derived from three languages :

  1. HIRO (Japanese) - Japanese culture is known has the value of respecting the truth and integrity. Thus, HIRO TECHNO adapt a good value from Japan; respecting the truth and integrity.
  2. TECHNOLOGY (English) - English is the international language that is accepted in the whole world. Thus, HIRO TECHNO has value that can be accepted in the whole world.
  3. INDOCIPTA (Bahasa Indonesia) - Indonesia has many diverse cultures and beautiful resources. HIRO TECHNOhas value of cultural variety and beauty as well as human resources are reliable and have a lot of ability in developing technology and business.

All of HIRO TECHNOproducts and services are in accordance with our philosophy of Integrity and Excellent where we continuously strive to provide the best solutions and services to customers with supported the operational team are reliable while upholding integrity for customer satisfaction.

HIRO TECHNO has division called PUSAT JUAL CCTV which provides services in the security field and peripheral equipment for surveillance and convenience and SOFTWARE IMPLEMENTOR which provides services in the software development and implementation depends on user requirement.